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Against a dark background, a hand is holding up an illuminated plate of yellow jelly.
IONIQ lineup

IONIQ 6 Treats
– Taking jelly for a joyride

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What do fascinating IONIQ 6 features and the colorful and wobbly wonder of jelly have in common? They both share the same stage in this highly atmospheric and eye-catching concept. To celebrate some of the many highlights of the IONIQ 6, we brought to life a unique world where intriguing jelly forms team up with forward-thinking features to inform and inspire. Get ready for IONIQ 6 Treats!

Why jelly – why not?

Whether seen in its aesthetic form or experienced in its fascinating interior, the IONIQ 6 is an exquisite blend of innovative and eco-friendly features that deserve more than just a passing mention. Bring on the jelly! Why? Because jelly is fun, shows life’s vibrancy, and moves like nothing else – just like the IONIQ 6! As a captivating metaphor, jelly represents the human senses that are enhanced through the IONIQ 6 features. Jelly’s pleasing movement, tactile form, and glistening, colorful optics amplify the power of each feature for a sensory delight. The concept is centered on three features that heighten the driving experience – the immersive BOSE Premium Sound System, Dual Color Ambient Lighting, and an array of sustainable materials. Their interaction with the jelly forms creates a jiggly juxtaposition that pairs an engaging message with modern, trendy aesthetics.

A woman holds up a small round jelly with bits of corn in it.

Small films – big impact

Each feature is given its short film, where it teams up with its wiggly counterpart to communicate the specific benefit to look forward to. The world is characterized by its minimalistic style, reduced human interaction, vivid colors, and focus on the features interacting with the various jelly forms. The result is a stand-out look unique in automotive communication.

BOSE Premium Sound System

Close-up of Hyundai IONIQ 6 speaker with Bose lettering.
A large orange jelly is standing against an orange background.

The IONIQ 6 is available with a BOSE Premium Sound System, complete with eight high-performance speakers designed and engineered to perfectly complement its unique cabin acoustics. The film demonstrates this immersive sound experience by letting jelly move to the beat. In it, a woman, who we never see in full, carries two jelly forms in her hands. She places one in front of IONIQ’s front speaker and one in the back next to the subwoofer. Having done this, she reclines in the front seat and lets the music play. Instantly, both begin to wobble in sync with the tunes. It’s music to anyone’s ears who enjoys rich, pure sound when on the road!

Jelly x BOSE Premium Sound System - watch the film

Dual Color Ambient Lighting

The illuminated dashboard of the IONIQ 6 with its Dual Color Ambient lighting.

How can you show IONIQ 6’s Dual Color Ambient Lighting in the best light? Easy, with a lot of jelly helpers ready to let the feature shine through! The benefits of optimal lighting range from enhancing positive mood changes to improving mental health. The IONIQ 6 features six fully customizable interior lighting systems with 64 color options to match every taste and mood. This is seen in the film, where a woman interacts with the ambient lighting system. She presses the IONIQ electric key fob, and the trunk opens, revealing a large, impressive jelly form. The woman steps into the driver’s seat, activates the touchscreen, and chooses a lighting color. That’s when the magic happens! Suddenly, multiple jelly creations placed throughout the IONIQ 6 light up and reflect the desired color.

Jelly x Dual Color Ambient Lighting - watch the film

An opened trunk of an IONIQ 6 is full of colorful, illuminated jelly forms.

Made with renewable and recycled materials

A serving platter with jelly forms and a piece of plastic fishing net.
A woman holding a bowl of jelly.

Environmentally friendly innovation can come from the most unlikely places. IONIQ 6 uses an eclectic blend of renewable materials like charcoal, bamboo, corn, and even recycled fishing nets from the deep sea. The film highlights these aspects through its characteristically reduced human interaction and saturated colors and focuses on the features interacting with the jelly forms. In it, a woman walks past the IONIQ 6, where sustainable features are shown, such as interior and exterior paint using materials like charcoal, bamboo pigments, and corn. Even the floormats take a stand against pollution and are made from recycled fishing nets. This is shown by the woman aesthetically cutting through a jelly form using an old fishing net.

Jelly x Sustainable Materials - watch the film

A person uses an old fishing net to cut through a jelly form.

We wanted a concept that checked all the communicative boxes while still being out of the box regarding look and feel.

Showing features in a new light

The IONIQ 6 Treats concept leaves the standard feature communication ‘comfort zone’ to show something new and unseen. Using short films with a highly recognizable aesthetic, story-telling aspect, and colorful world, sometimes over-looked features are given their stage on which to shine.

The side mirror of the IONIQ 6 in close-up.
A woman holds a jelly form next to the back of an IONIQ 6.

Dedicated to shaking things up

As a company, we believe in taking unexplored directions to reach new goals for people and the planet. This philosophy is reflected in everything we create and communicate and is based on our pioneering heritage. The IONIQ 6 and its feature-showcasing films represent this drive to stand out through excellence, innovation, and accountability for the world we live in. We are proud that Hyundai IONIQ 6 Treats brought this and more to the table.

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