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An IONIQ 5 drives next to a lake.

Our vision

Our dedication to moving humanity forward flows throughout everything we do –inspiring
us to conceive, create, and craft vehicles that open new chapters in mobility and help
redefine our journey as a global community.

Moving forward together

Taking a big technological step forward is only meaningful when it is anchored in a deep sense of humanity.
Whether it's our commitment to hydrogen-powered solutions and next-generation electric vehicles or cutting-edge robotics and air mobility, we are advancing human progress through innovation. Being a pioneer also means embracing convictions that challenge the status quo, which is why we have always stayed true to our beliefs and done things our way. As our guiding principle, progress for humanity unites us in who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

An IONIQ 5 is parked next to a man.

Our vision

Progress for humanity

We are here to do the
right thing for humanity.

We believe progress only becomes meaningful when it is connected with a deep sense of humanity. Humanity is what unites us and makes us stronger. It guides us in our investments and drives our innovations. Humanity allows us to strengthen our relationships, to feel connected and get more from life. We are here to do the right thing for humanity.

Hyundai founder Chung Ju-yung with employees.

An obligation to people from the start

We believe every breakthrough or life-enhancing innovation must begin and end with the human factor. For our founder, Chung Ju-yung, this philosophy of betterment and compassion towards all individuals and society was an essential part of what a company should be. His beliefs and drive were crucial in helping revitalize the nation, create work, and elevate people's lives. Today, these values are a fundamental part of our heritage and continue to define who we are as a company. Moreover, they help guide us as we expand our sense of responsibility and commitment to bettering people’s lives around the world.

Cars, including the original Hyundai Pony, driving down the highway.

If someone asks me what is the motivating force for Hyundai,
I would have a ready answer: a desire for better. —CHUNG JU-YUNG, FOUNDING CHAIRMAN OF HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP

An IONIQ 5 driving along a coastline.

Inspired by what's
around the corner 

Today, we are all at an amazing point in the evolution of mobility and the multitude of benefits it brings humanity. Modes of transportation are becoming smarter, safer, more connected, and in harmony with sustainability goals and a zero-emission tomorrow. We at Hyundai are at the forefront of all this future-defining progress as a smart mobility solution provider.

The SPOT robotic dog is standing in a production hall with a man.

The next big thing

Progress needs new perspectives to move forward. Our transformation from an automobile manufacturer into a smart mobility solutions provider demonstrates this flexibility and vision.

We have been introducing various aspects of autonomous driving, robotics, and AAM(Advanced Air Mobility). By 2025, we aim to transition to SDV(software-defined vehicle) through the advancement of software, AI, and big data-based connectivity technologies, providing our customers with a freer, safer, and fairer driving experience. Additional goals include creating a sustainable hydrogen ecosystem by recycling used batteries and producing clean hydrogen energy from waste. Our evolution across all sectors is driven by our deep commitment to humanity.

A person walks down the street with SPOT, the robotic dog.
An IONIQ 6 drives through a mountain valley.

Going our way

Any great road trip needs the right traveling companions. That's why we look forward to taking all these next exciting steps together with you and providing everyone with the mobility solutions they need to enhance their lives, elevate their day, and empower our shared responsibility to one another and the planet. That's progress for humanity.


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