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Hyundai Motor Company’s Carbon Neutrality Vision

5 areas of sustainable management

Hyundai Motor Company’s Carbon Neutrality Vision
In Progress with Positive Energy

‘Progress for Humanity’ represents Hyundai Motor’s commitment to realizing emissions-free mobility as a fundamental human right. Under this vision, we pledge to do the best thing for humanity and society to lead us all towards a better future. Starting with IONIQ, we have been proactively promoting a paradigm shift towards electrification and creating a hydrogen society. We’re doing so with the help of our extensive research from the past 20 years and using this to spearhead changes in the area of sustainability. We have the unwavering belief that we, as an automaker, have to be more active when responding to climate change than companies in other industries, and we feel a strong sense of responsibility. Our journey towards sustainability will continue for the sake of humanity and generations to come.

See the full press conference @ IAA 2021.


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We are in a collision course with nature, draining the Earth of precious resources, and without our attention, it will be too late.

Change starts with an action, not opinions. Hence we stand upon such hope for the sustainable future.

Laying the foundations to improve lives, offering solutions that would build this planet more sustainable. Hyundai will be the change the world needs, taking the necessary steps to power progress.

This is not a reluctant obligation, but an invitation to the better world, driving positive change for a cleaner future.

In Progress with Positive Energy

Hyundai Motor Company is moving beyond mobility towards creating a sustainable future with circular economy. Based on hydrogen fuel-cell technology and an integrated solution which will cover the entire city, Hyundai will start with electrification and then go on to create a hydrogen society, smart city infrastructure for a sustainable future.

For more detailed information on our carbon neutrality plan, check out our white paper.