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An IONIQ 5 is parked next to a Dogability autonomous car model and its canine owner.

Dogbility – cars with a canine twist

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Every dog owner knows how it feels to be drained after a long day and to lack the energy to take the four-legged family member out for a walk in the rain and cold. Yet, it’s undeniable that our furry companions deserve that peaceful, short stroll and perhaps even more – like the independence to roam around the city as they please. What if you could relax on the sofa for a well-deserved break and still know your buddy is outside and getting all the mobility it needs? Welcome to Dogbility.

Turning a walk into a smooth drive

Imagine a future where every dog, from Yorkie to Collie, has the freedom of autonomous, automated movement. We accepted that challenge and got to work creating a fully automatic canine-compatible vehicle series that gets dogs to and from the park, their friend’s house, and even around the city without human assistance. For us, this innovation is a part of our dedication to progress for humanity. We share this planet with multiple and diverse life forms – we feel an obligation to them, not only our fellow humans. This year was the kick-off to show our commitment, and what animal could be better to start with than our loyal canine friends who have accompanied us for thousands of years? Time to put them in the driver’s seat.

A dog is driving its Dogbility vehicle through busy city traffic.

No more mobility underdogs

To ensure that Dogbility provides our faithful partners with the very best in mobility solutions, diverse teams came together to collaborate on this project, including Autonomous Driving R&D Teams 1 and 2, Ergonomics R&D Team, Advanced Mobile Solutions Team, and Advanced Robotics Team 1 and 3 – just to name a few. The result is a lineup which will initially launch with three models: Dogbility Pup, Dogbility Classic, and the custom Dogbility Senior line. All models come in three sizes, from compact to sedan, and include a modular framework that accommodates all breeds and sizes.

Dogbility will take our devoted companions to the park, around the neighborhood for a stroll, and perhaps even to the moon and back, ensuring freedom of mobility that extends beyond humanity.

A vent inside the Dogbility vehicle that omits various scents.
A close-up of the Dogbility interior with a dog operating the controls.

Features that make every dog’s day

Dogs are more than just pets – they’re cherished family members, which is why we created Dogbility, to ensure maximum comfort, safety, and reliability. All Dogbility models undergo rigorous testing and quality controls and come with the very latest in K9-controlled autonomous driving technology. To ensure the best experience while on the road, each model is equipped with a rotary steering wheel designed to ensure reliable steering by paws, downward-facing pedals to prevent any strains to the patella, nose print recognition to conveniently start the engine, as well as a canine-compatible color alert HUD (Head-up Display). The automatically-activated dryer mode is perfect for long-haired dogs on rainy days, while the rubber ball horn provides safe and fun entertainment. Our signature dog-tailored aroma options feature cheese, jerky, and peanut butter aromas designed to keep dogs both alert and in the best of moods. All seating materials are removable for easy washing, especially after shedding.

▶Dogbility features – check out our meticulously crafted safety and convenience features.

A Golden Retriever is enjoying the air conditioning in its Dogbility vehicle.
Three Dogbility models (large, medium, and small) are parked next to each other with their owners inside.

Leading software innovation in dog mobility

Dogbility ensures maximum comfort and safety – just what our furry friends deserve. Owners can track their Dogbility vehicles with the custom app to stay informed about their pet’s current travel status. The app also includes a reboot option for any munchkin that strays off the intended path. And thanks to its TREATS upgrade program, owners can configure their Dogbility vehicle with seamless updates using OTA, like our GoodBoi/Girl reward system, which is expected to launch in May.

lab interview

Celebrating the diversity of the movement

We think all lifeforms – humans and animals alike, should have the freedom to get up off the sofa and explore the world outside their doors. For us, it’s about freedom of movement. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to get to work as quickly and efficiently as possible or if you’re just cruising around looking for that certain tree for a little “alone time.” We’ll be there with innovative solutions around every corner.

Three interviewers are sitting on the floor, surrounded by dogs.

Technology whose time has come

The growing trend in pet ownership and pet accessories continues to drive future market sales in this segment. This is partly because products that enhance pet comfort are no longer seen as luxury items but rather as investments to enhance family well-being.

Even today, when a tide of smart devices enabling pets to lead independent, everyday lives are being launched, there are still barriers that need to be overcome. We are happy to take the first step!

A close-up of a dog's nose being scanned for its biometric code.
A Dogbility vehicle stands next to an IONIQ 5 in front of a house on a sunny day.

Meticulous study

In creating Dogbility, our team of devoted engineers, designers, and pet owners spent hundreds of hours doing research and creating models to redefine what “taking the dog for a walk” means. And we didn’t stop there - we went to the source, conducting in-depth interviews with dog owners, as well as deep-dive analyses of dogs of various sizes and breeds. In all, we studied 2,024 dogs from all around the world, meticulously documenting their responses. The results confirmed we were on the right track. After the study, 1,967 dog owners expressed interest in pre-ordering Hyundai's Dogbility.

A woman sits at a desk and is paying attention to two small dogs.

The future of mobility

At Hyundai Motor Company, we’re dedicated to the freedom, power, and potential of unconstrained mobility. We plan, innovate, and look forward to the next mobility challenge, from hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles like NEXO to wearable technology designed to aid people with mobility constraints. Not to mention our IONIQ lineup, which is proof of our continuous efforts toward advancing the electric mobility journey. And with Dogbility, we hope to take another leap forward.

A large Dogbility model cruises down a city street and is being followed by curious dogs.

One last thing!

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