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A parked Earthy Brass Metallic Matte colored The all-new SANTA FE with the tailgate open with a man sitting on the back playing guitar, a man standing to the side with his hand on the tailgate door, and a woman sitting by a campfire beside a camping table.

Open for More: Expand your everyday experience with
the all-new SANTA FE

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Are you open for more? With Hyundai’s new SANTA FE, you can open your mind, your life, and your family for more by enjoying the open space and endless opportunities for travel. Read on to find out more about where our SANTA FE can take you.

Harnessing the power of openness

Here at Hyundai, we believe in the power of openness. For us, being open means embracing new ideas, experiences, and perspectives.

Openness is a door that leads to the unknown, and helps you let your imagination run wild and make your biggest dreams come true.

The all-new SANTA FE embraces the power of openness and allows you to expand the everyday so you can be open for more.

From left to right. A man and a woman sitting in the back of a SANTA FE sharing fast food. A woman setting a table that has been pulled out from the back of a SANTA FE.A bird’s eye view of two SANTA FE cars parked next to each other in a campsite with a family sharing a meal at a camping table.

Gorpcore Lifestyle

Gone are the days of packing up your car with heavy and bulky equipment and heading out to enjoy the great outdoors. Instead, you can taste the outdoors wherever you go, but in a light and casual way thanks to the ‘Gorpcore’ trend. This trend is all about wearing functional outdoor clothing as streetwear.

The all-new SANTA FE is inspired by this lifestyle. It carries a host of features to enhance the outdoor experience – all packed into one bold and stylish SUV that also looks at home in urban settings.

A young woman dressed in functional outdoor clothing sitting in the back of a SANTA FE and watching a man walking towards her across a desert landscape.

Life On-the-Go

As a young family, you can use the tailgate for a wide range of different purposes. From grocery shopping to home improvement projects, to taking equipment for sports or other hobbies to practice or tournaments, to family outings and traveling with your pet, you can do it all.

This expansive space was created so that you can truly live your life on-the-go. After all, your tailgate is probably a reflection of you, your family, and the life you all enjoy together.

Amplified Experience

This is what we had in mind when we were designing the all-new SANTA FE. In fact, this car was designed using a rear-to-front approach. The benefits of this can be seen throughout the car since the back end was built to be bigger than ever before to make more room for you, your pets, and your family to travel together.

With fully foldable second and third-row seats, you can transform your SUV into your own home on wheels. Inside, you can enjoy everything from camping with friends, to some peace and quiet for yourself, or even create a play area for your kids.

All you have to do is lift open the Wide Tailgate to enjoy the best of both worlds – the coziness of the indoors and the natural scenery and fresh air of the outdoors.

With our new SANTA FE – you can travel in comfort and style every single day.

An Earthy Brass Metallic Matte colored SANTA FE parked up facing a white wall.
An Earthy Brass Metallic Matte colored SANTA FE parked in the open at night with its tailgate open and light spilling out.

Less is More

And in case you wondered, the new boxy shape is no accident. The tailgate was designed to be as minimalist as possible so that the trims are pushed to the sides to create the iconic and extra-large opening.

Designed to fit your lifestyle and constantly evolving needs of you and all the members of your family, the all-new SANTA FE is an SUV that promises both practicality and style.

A view of the Santa Fe landscape with two people sitting with their legs outstretched in the back of a SANTA FE.
A view through the tailgate of a SANTA FE of a man and a woman enjoying a picnic while looking out across a nature landscape.

Here at Hyundai, we are on a mission to combine our heritage with our impulse for innovation. To discover more of our cars and the many ways that we are open for more, by following @hyundai on Instagram.

The photos in the ‘Less is More’ section is taken of/by @chelseamealo and @braybraywoowoo


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